Time Travel Mathematics

We recently purchased Time.University and Spacetime.University website names.
We hope to develop these sites to promote education and research in Spacetime and Quantum Physics related to Time, with a focus on mathematics related paradoxical time travel. Our website editor Graham Partis has been interested in multidimensional spacetime and multi-time physics since he was about nine years old. 


One area we are exploring is the consequences to time travel theory if we assume our world inot as real or tangible as we usually assume. This includes exploring the development of a Virtual Reality based interpretation of time. 

Impossible Worlds Mathematics

Much of advancement in Science and modern technolgies has arison from the idea that we can discover laws of nature and make reliable predictions. many aspects of 21st Century information based sciences suggest that classical ideas of Reality and Logic may be outdated. We are seeking to extend Modal Logic's "Possibel Worlds" mathematics (and Fuzzy Logic) to cater for contradictory and indeterminate truth vaules. 

Ultimate Reality Physics

From 2000 to 2010 our main project was Benji's TOE, which looked into the question of what an ultimate "Theory Of Everything" might look like. It also explored whether such theories might be possble, in light of limitations on: logic, models and human perception. 


BBF members have been active in groups such as Lifeboat Foundation, Mars Initiative, Howarth Aerospace's Asteroid Shield and various agencies and groups promoting research in space technology. Although our website is no longer online Benji Bear's facebook pages still provide news related to space and astronomy.


Our Uni4Kids accelerated learning and mentoring system began development in the early 80's. It was initially developed to assist gifted STEM students but has proven to be useful in helping struggling students master and enjoy mathematics, and other academic subjects. 

Updated 2020 by Benji Bear & Friends.

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